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Choosing your Marriage Celebrant

What does a Marriage Celebrant do?

A Marriage Celebrant is the person that officiates and legalises your marriage. Marriage Celebrants are trained professionals that are skilled in the legalities of getting married, and will assist you in putting together a personalised ceremony.

How do we choose a Celebrant?

The Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants Queensland (ACMCQ) is committed to helping couples locate a qualified and professional celebrant that will work with you to create a wedding ceremony that suits you.

Do they have to provided a portable PA system?

Celebrants must ensure that all persons at your ceremony can adequately hear the ceremony.  The majority of celebrants do have their own PA systems, however some celebrants may charge an additional fee for this service.  Numbers of guests and the location of ceremony may impact on the need for a PA system.

How long before the wedding does the Celebrant have to arrive?

According to the Celebrant Code of Conduct, all celebrants must arrive at the ceremony at least 20 minutes beforehand (unless an alternative arrangement has been made with the couple).

Don’t they have to offer a rehearsal?

Yes, if requested by the parties, Celebrants must provide a rehearsal before your wedding day, however please remember that Celebrants are entitled to charge an additional fee for this service to cover their time and/or travel to the location.

What is a Booking Fee?

A booking fee is the initial payment a celebrant requests to confirm your chosen date and time as a confirmed and secured booking.  In most cases this fee is non-refundable, and covers the time and administration costs of the celebrant in lodging your Notice of Intended Marriage, and providing you access to relevant resources. Each celebrant has different terms and conditions.

How much does a Civil Marriage Celebrant Cost?

Just like a good wine, celebrants can vary in price. Although all celebrants are entitled to charge what they consider reasonable, we recommend you budget between $400 to $600 for your celebrant… and remember… you will be trusting the most important part of your Wedding day to the celebrant you choose.  Don’t choose your celebrant on price alone.  Make sure you get the best person to help you plan and perform the exact marriage ceremony that YOU want.

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