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Themes and colour design for your reception

The co ordination of colours and themes is a big part of the overall look for your wedding. You want to create the perfect atmosphere for your big day whilst showing your personal style and tastes. You have to consider whether it is a casual or formal event with classic elegant or modern design.

A classic elegant style consists of lots of white, complimented by a single colour. Gold or silver are popular choices, but why not use your favourite colour. Blue offers a simple elegance for summer. Red suggests passion and excitement that would suit a winter wedding. Shades of orange or brown for a autumn tone. Choosing pale green, pink, yellow or lilac are great for spring.

A more modern touch can use a few colours that either blend or stand out in contrast. Blues greens and yellows are good blending colours with fresh appeal. Orange, purple and red will never be forgotten and radiate vibrance. Purple, lilac and pink gives a soft romantic feel.

To help you choose with your choice of colour scheme, for your bridal attire, flowers and reception use this colour wheel.

Here are a few tips:

  • Choose from opposite sides of the wheel. For example yellow and violet.
  • Colours that fall in 90 degree angle can be used together. For example red, orange red and orange
  • You can also mix colours that are the same distance apart on the wheel. For example blue, red and yellow.

A single colour is various shades is striking.

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